Low Income Loans? Yes possible!


Nowadays, the cost of starting a school year is so high that many families run out of money. For this reason, it may become timely to take out a personal loan.

Yes, but some banks may run into walls for lower income seekers. This time we looked at the income conditions that banks set for applying for a smaller personal loan. Again, it will be Good Finance who will guide us, let’s see what advice she can give our readers.

Good Finance has been introduced to our readers in a previous case


Then a former classmate, Casimir, asked him for advice on time deposits . This time, Fricit was asked by his wife, a teacher at the local elementary school, about personal loans. In fact, Good Finance has been stopped by more and more parents on the street these days who complained that the check had come from the office and would have to pay the price of textbooks for the next school year.

This in itself is quite a burden for families. But to add to this, these lurkers are constantly outgrowing all their stuff and needing to be constantly dressed, plus other small-drop costs, so many families are already having a hard time starting school.

Let’s start with the most important,”. – A comparative calculator always comes in handy when dealing with such banking issues. We can find out the most important terms and conditions, including how much the applicant is expected to earn.

All you have to do is select the loan that best fits your needs and then click on the “Next” button. This will take you to the bank page where you will be asked for your name and phone number. Bank staff will call the person who wants to apply for the loan. So it’s already on track.

Then set a $ 300,000 loan and a 1 year maturity on the calculator page

Then set a $ 300,000 loan and a 1 year maturity on the calculator page

– The one-year maturity is not only due to the fact that we do not have too much debt. It is also better to choose a shorter maturity so that the total amount to be repaid is as low as possible.

“And three hundred thousand forints can be enough not only for textbooks but also for year-round clothing,” Good Finance added. “But how much income do you need to get a loan?”

– First of all, it is important to know that banks generally only accept wages as income. Thus, the income condition of a personal loan cannot be fulfilled similar non-salary income.

Noted this, as it could be an issue for any parent.


Goodbank puts the lowest price on the claimants, as their Fair Express loan is enough for a $ 68,000 income . This also requires that the salary be paid into a current account with Goodbank. But a hundred thousand net salaries is enough if the income comes to another bank. This personal loan will be disbursed by the bank within 2 days of a positive credit assessment.

Good Finance was diligent in taking notes, and Frici already listed the features of the following offer based on the calculator’s data:

The one who receives your payment also has an advantage. In this case, the Bank will give you a 6% discount on the Promotion Loan . Expected income for this discount scheme is HUF 100,000. But it is not mandatory to transfer the payment to the bank, and they will even lend a minimum wage, but in this case the interest will be higher.

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